Monday, April 19, 2010

Things a brewin...

Hello Hello! During my daily craft blog searches I found two very cute craft ideas that i SO want to try! Here's the first one from Get Your Craft On...check it out...NOW...ok are you back?!? Isnt that a cute simple idea! And the other project is from Lemon Tree Creations...again, check it out NOW....k, my turn....SO CUTE, right?!?! It would make a great mothers day gift. I know what you are thinking, those are easy!! and should only take a day, maybe two max.....phsisshh, ya right...not in this household. Between taking care of a newborn, a toddler, a husband, two dogs and a beyond messy house, not to mention a bday party for the toddler......these cutie patooties will have to wait....insert pouty face here....

Seriously, my goal is to have them done by the middle of may, i'll post pics

in the mean time......aahhhhh

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